Roman Glushko

Software Engineer


  • Aspiring problem solver & Software Engineer
  • 7+ years of experience in software engineering
  • 5+ years of experience in eCommerce domain
  • 3+ years of experience in technical management of scrum teams
  • Expertise in a broad variety of technical, business, management topics
  • Constant, quick & avid learner
  • Positive attitudes


  • Experience: Problem Solving, System Design & Architecture, Distributed Systems, Product Development, Microservices, Service Reliability Engineering, Load Testing, Chaos Testing, Open Source Development
  • Languages: Python, Golang, WebDev Stack (JS/ReactJS/TypeScript & CSS)
  • Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Helm Charts, AWS
  • Observability: Elastic Stack, Grafana, OpenTelemetry
  • Databases: MangoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, MySQL, RabbitMQ
  • CI & CD: Jenkins & Groovy Scripts, gitOps, ArgoCD, Flux, Harness, Gitlab, Github Actions


  • Machine Learning Nanodegree, self-paced, 2020-2021
  • M.S. Computer Engineering, Khmelnytskyi National University, Ukraine, 2018

Work Experience

  • Senior Software Engineer (R&D, Notebooks), DataRobot; 2021-Present (2+ years)
    • designed and implementing the persistent filesystem support for the product. Analysed various storage types available on the marker like block storages (AWS EBS), NFS (AWS EFS), Lustre (AWS FSx) and OpenEBS
    • took part in incident resolutions, postmortem, on-call rotations and other SRE-related activities
    • continuously analysed and improved the product from cost-efficiency and reliability standpoints by by conducting load and chaos testing
    • improved team productivity by optimising CI check's run time (slashed the wait time by half for the most time consuming jobs)
    • prototyped a conversational agent using OpenAI, Qdrant, langchain
    • designed and developed a complex real-time state handling mechanism to deal with notebook files in a reliable way
    • Experience: Problem Solving, Software Architecture, System Design, Distributed Systems, Kubernetes, Load Testing, Chaos Engineering, Penetration Testing
  • Software Engineer II (R&D, Notebooks), DataRobot; Nov 2021 - Aug 2022 (10 mos)
    Have been working on a code execution system for data scientists based on the microservice multi-language (Python, Node.js, GoLang) architecture:
    • Designed, implemented and owned the deployment of the whole system to AWS based on Kubernetes, Helm Charts and ArgoCD and Flux as a gitOps CD
    • Implemented the central orchestration part of the project (a Python-based microservice). Designed a custom Kubernetes operator based on the RedHat OperatorFramework (GoLang). Designed and implemented a websocket microservice based on Socket.IO and Node.JS
    • Worked and extended the Jenkins-based CI pipelines
    • Led integration of the system with the observability stack based on Elastic Stack (aka ELK stack) in terms of logging, metrics collection and distributed tracing
    • Led a security review of the system and identified the main points of k8s security improvements. Created security defense measures for zero-trust execution environment
    • Took active part in architectural discussions and improvements, code reviews in a geographically distributed team (Ukraine and East US time zones) of more than 20 people. Effectively handled cross-team communication with other DataRobot teams to resolve roadblocks and meet project expectations and deadlines
    • Experience: Python, Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Kubernetes, Helm Charts, Golang, Reliability Engineering, AWS, Penetration Testing, Domain-Driven Design
  • Software Engineer (R&D, AI Apps), DataRobot; Aug 2021 - Nov 2021 (4 mos)
    • Designed and implemented an internal framework for building ML-enabled applications using DataRobot platform powered by modern Python stack (Flask, Pydantic, FastAPI)
    • Using the framework, I have taken part in the implementation of a complaint review application for a US company from the healthcare sector. Took part in complaint analysis and NLP modeling pipeline using huggingface transformers stack
    • Took part in configuring and troubleshooting Kubernetes-based environments deployed on Gitlab instances
    • Experience: Python, Flask, Software Engineering, Helm Charts
  • ML Engineer, Learning Sabbatical; 2020-2021 (10 mos)
    • Experience: data analysis, tabular data, Python, NLP, XGBoost, Pytorch, MLFlow, Jupyter Notebooks
  • eCommerce Software Developer, Tech Lead, Atwix; 2015-2020 (5.5 years)
    • Experience: eCommerce, Problem Solving, Management, System Design, Problem Framing, PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis

Management & Communication

  • Hold a full-time technical leader position for 3.5 years (5-15 people teams incl. SEs, QA, PM, DevOps) + seasonal leading of serveral internal projects and initialives
  • Write technical blog posts and thoughts about management. Organized technical & business newsletter (led for 2 years).
  • Led several projects as a part of the DataRobot team including feature design and development and passing them a few levels of maturity all the way to GA

Hobby & Interests