Roman Glushko

eCommerce Developer


  • Aspiring problem solver & passionate software engineer
  • 5+ years of experience in software engineering and eCommerce development
  • 3+ years of experience in technical management of scrum teams
  • Expertise in a broad variety of technical and business topics
  • Constant, quick & curious learner
  • Positive attitudes


  • Type of Services: Building eCommerce stores from scratch, Store Maintenance, Performance and SEO Audits, Extending of the default Magento setup, ERP/CRM/SaaS Integrations
  • Languages: PHP, Python, Golang, WebDev Stack (JS/ReactJS/TypeScript & HTML5 & CSS3)
  • Platforms: Magento 2 Open Source and Adobe Commerce(former Magento 2 Commerce), Adobe Commerce Cloud
  • Software Engineering: Domain-Driven Design, SOLID, System Design
  • Management: Leading Scrum Teams, Product Owning, Problem Framing, Developer Mentoring, Giving Workshops


  • M.S. Computer Engineering, Khmelnytskyi National University, Ukraine, 2018


  • B2B US Electrical Manufacturer

    The client was a big midwest US-based manufacturer of power units, electrical systems for home and office environments. They did not have a solid eCommerce platform and a lot of conversions happened during in-person sale meetings. Once COVID-19 struck the world, it became hardly possible to work that way. They urgently needed a viable eCommerce platform that would begin digitalization inside of the company.

    My team delivered their partner portal powered by Adobe Commerce Cloud just in 6 weeks. This included ERP and custom product configurator integrations, importing all B2B and catalog information and other stuff required by a fully functional store.

    Also, I took part in concept creations for the further features (package management capabilities for planned orders, integration with support system, B2B shipping, etc) and B2C branch of their business.
    • Experience: Problem Framing, Requirement Gathering, Direct work with the client's team, Concept Creating, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Magento B2B, Building Magento 2 Store from scratch, Team Leading
  • B2C US Kitchen Furniture Manufacturer and Retailer

    The client was a number one US online retailer of kitchen cabinets, sinks and other stuff needed for kitchen design with its own manufacturing facilities on the east coast. They got to the Inc. 500 twice.

    I was working on this project when it was on Magento1. The major thing that we did was a migration to Magento2. It was the early days of Magento 2 and the migration was not a trivial process at all. It took us more than a year to migrate the website.Migration included a few thousands of hours the team spent on designing and implementing all custom functionalities including a way to run frequent sales, a workflow for kitchen design team to interact with clients, custom gallery for inspiration and import of 1 million products.

    After successful migration, we had worked a few more years on website support. During that phase, we implemented a workflow for contractors to work with the store in B2B like manner, loyalty program, integrations with payment methods, etc.

    Huge catalog prompted us to research ways to improve indexing and search systems. Besides that, we were working on improving website performance by leveraging ReactJS-based micro-frontend approach.
    • Experience: Magento2 Migration, Adobe Commerce, Store Maintenance, Product Owning, Performance Audits, SEO Audits, Concept Creation, Work With Client's Team, Ongoing Improvement Sells, Magento Consulting, Magento Upgrades, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Nexcess Hosting
  • Austrian B2C Bedroom Furniture Seller

    The client was a small Austrian-based bedroom furniture company with up to 10 showrooms in Austria and Germany. They sold beds, wardrobes, dressers that were made from 5 types of aromatic wood, and breathable organic mattresses.

    They were on Magento 1 and they asked us for migration to Magento2 Open Source. On Magento1, they had a lot of custom functionality. We spent more than a year redesigning and implementing it on Magento2. Since a major part of their sales came from showrooms, we paid extra attention oncreating an omnichannel-like experience for their customers. We developed a workflow for their showroom stuff to let them guide and create quotes together with customers which came to the store. Also, the client's team was interested in making changes to most parts of the website frequently, so we provided them a way to manage blocks of information on category and product pages in an admin-friendly way.

    After migration, we worked on the ongoing support and improvements to the store. We helped them integrate a new line of fast-to-deliver products with an ability to manage orders that could contain regular and this kind of products. We also made sure that they were using cost-efficient hosting plans while getting optimal user experience by performing load tests.
    • Experience: Magento2 Migration, Concepts Creation, Team Leading, Performance Audits, SEO Improvements, Ongoing Improvement Sells, Magento Consulting, Magento Upgrades, Load Testing
  • French Shipping Provider

    One of the biggest European shipping provider, based in French, was looking to expand their integration with existing eCommerce platforms. They had integrations with WooCommerce and PrestaShop, and they wanted to bring Magento1 and Magento2 to that list.

    My team was responsible for developing Magento2 version of the integration. We were following and adjusting provided high-level concepts of the final result.

    After working on the project for a few months, we were invited to the nearest office of the company for the final tests. Me and a few fellows from the team were invited and I was handling all main communication and coordination with the client team onsite.
    • Experience: Magento Module Development, Team Leading, Integration with Third-Party Services, Onsite Meetings with Client Team
  • UK Customer Review Service Provider

    A UK-based customer review service was looking for Magento integration after being successfully used on WooCommerce platform.

    I was mainly responsible for the integration design and development. After some time, I was included to the direct communication with client about ongoing questions and clarifications.
    • Experience: Magento Module Development, Communication with Client
  • US Cosmetics Reseller

    The client was running on the Magento 1 when I joined the team. They were looking for the major website redesign and improvements to customer experience.

    In a scope of that plans, I was involved into development of a customer quiz that helped to select cosmetics based on the customer skin types and preferences. In addition to that, I was developing a feature to buy a customizable kit of products based on the quiz results.
    • Experience: Custom Functionality Development, Design Adjustments, Store Maintenance, Newsletter Integration
Other projects can be found on GitHub and Kaggle


Work Experience

  • Software Developer / Tech Lead, Atwix; 2017-2020 (3.5 years)
    I was responsible for leading different scrum teams (from 5 to 15 people incl. SEs, QA, PM, DevOps) that worked on building stores from scratch and maintaining them afterwards. I had close communications with project stakeholders, participating in problem grooming, requirement gathering and further translating that knowledge into technical concepts and technical vision for my teams.

    I was mentoring people in the team, performing onboarding, code reviews and internal workshops about various topics that the team faced. Worked on partnership and developed relationships with other tech companies we worked with.

    Also, I was owning all technical processes and constantly worked on improving themand utilized new approaches and tools (like visual regression tools, etc). Finally, I advocated the needs of software engineers and popularized ideas of solution sharing inside of the company.
    • Experience: Problem Solving, eCommerce, Marketing, Management, Leadership, System Design, Problem Framing, Domain-Driven Design
  • eCommerce Magento Software Developer, Atwix; 2015-2017 (2 years)
    I was part of different teams that worked on ongoing support of existing eCommerce Magento projects and adding a new functionality to projects that came.
    • Experience: Linux, Git, Docker, PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis

Management & Communication

  • Technical Leadership of Software Engineering Team (3.5 years).
  • Three people I had mentored and worked for the longest time with became technical leaders themselves.
  • Write technical blog posts and thoughts about management. Organized technical & business newsletter (led for 2 years).

Open Source

  • Contributions to Magento 2 Open Source

    Since 2017 I had been contributing to numerous of Magento projects including Magento Core, Multi-Source Inventory, GraphQl, DevDocs and PHPStorm Plugin.
  • Tango

    A cross-platform console tool for processing server logs and generating useful reports based on them.
    Links: GithubProductHunt
  • Eyewear

    A PoC of tool that is aimed to perform quick cleanup of huge Magento datasets during dev environment creation
    Links: Github
  • DB Trimmer

    Since 2017 I had been contributing to numerous of Magento projects including Magento Core, Multi-Source Inventory, GraphQl, DevDocs and PHPStorm Plugin.
  • Monolog Parser

    A PHP parse of Monolog's log format that is used Magento to store internal logs.
  • GrumPHP Rules for Magento2

    A set of GrumPHP checks that automates preventing common mistakes that Magento dev team may do.
  • Magento2 Dir Buster

    A list of URL to check that should be protected on every Magento store.

Hobby & Interests