Rock, Paper, Scissors
computer vision

Rock, paper, scissors is a legendary hand game that many of us played with friends in the childhood.

Rules are simple. You and your opponent choose one of three shapes (, , ✌️), which you both form simultaneously. Your goal is to guess a shape that beats your opponent's choice:

  • Rock beats Scissors (✌️)
  • Paper covers Rock ()
  • Scissors cuts Paper (✌️)

Now you have a chance to try to play rock, paper, scissors in an AI-powered game online.

How Does it Work?

The game requests your web camera access and load a computer vision model directly into your browser (the game is completely serverless).

When you press the play button, you have 3 seconds to form one of three choices and to show it on camera. The model will try to predict what form you showed and compare with another choice which computer simultaneously made with you. The game compares both choices and updates your scores.

Try to play until you win!

Try it Yourself

🧠 You
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🤖 AI

Wanna Play?

Game requests camera control to see your choices

no recordings, the game is serverless

More About Experiment

All information about model training will be available here later. Stay tuned 🙌