Sunday Morning Problem
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Sunday Morning Problem

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It’s a Sunday’s morning. You got up early in the morning to enjoy your breakfast meal and cup of latte.

The whole day is ahead! So what are you going to do?

Maybe you’ll decide to work on your university project? Or to learn something new in a field you like? Or maybe you’ll pick out an article from your long reading list to finally read it? Well, chances are you would be just procrastinating on social media.

Whatever your choice is it would take you some energy and mental burden to decide. This is only one Sunday out of many you have in your life.

There is a better way to handle your time. Establish a routine and try to follow it for a while.

Let’s say you pick to browse the latest news every Sunday morning. Now you don’t need to decide what to do every single Sunday. Once you have established a useful routine, you’ll be able to spend your energy productively without having to think about how to fulfill your time.

This is an easy way to save your energy and incrementally advance in stuff you like to.