Focus on solutions, not on problems
Photo by Jake Givens on Unsplash

Focus on solutions, not on problems

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Sometimes we too focus on problems and regrets. You should know that it doesn’t make any sense. Your current problem is not the first one and most likely, not the last one. This world is full of problems, but you don’t notice that because you too focus on your problems.

I will tell you even more: everyone hates people that focus on problems. They are usually spreading a way more negative emotions, then others.

Don’t focus on problems, focus on solutions.

Whenever you are, you should try to find a solution. Don’t spend too much time asking “why this happened to me?” and “why my life is so hard?“. These are the wrong questions.

You better ask:

  • “What can I do to change things?”
  • “How can I fix the situation?”
  • “How can I avoid the situation in the future?”

Because your goal is not to comply. Your goal is to be in a better position then you are right now. Except in a case when you are really want to comply and live with it.